How to Determine if Your Battery Needs to be Replaced

The car battery is a very important part of your vehicle. It provides electrical power to the numerous components of your car that use electricity. You can do an easy test on your battery yourself or come into Birchwood Lexus to have it tested for you.

Before you test your battery, make sure the lights are off, and the ignition key is turned off. Connect the positive clamp of the voltmeter to the positive end of the battery. Then connect the negative clamp of the voltmeter tool to the negative end of the battery. You want to match positive with positive and negative with negative when using a voltmeter to test the battery. The higher the voltage reading you get, the more power your battery has. If the battery has a charge of 12.2 or less, then you may want to get it replaced. Finish the test by removing the negative terminal first. Remove it carefully and then clean the battery terminal to finish the test.

We here at Birchwood Lexus offer battery tests, replacements, and other services in Winnipeg, MB. Stop by if you have any battery issues with your car or need a new battery.



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