Tips to Help You to Avoiding Hydroplaning

It can be very scary to hydroplane when you are behind the wheel of your vehicle. There are often situations where you just can't avoid a large amount of water in the road. It's sometimes safer to just take the water head on than to swerve into on-coming traffic. If you want to avoid an incident of hydroplaning, let us here at Birchwood Lexus give you some steps you can take ahead of time.

Make sure that your tires are always in good shape and have a good amount of tread left. Bald tires aren't going to provide you with the grip on the road that you need when you hydroplane. Don't hit the brakes when you are right before the water or within the area of water. Do your best to slow down ahead of time. Keep control of your vehicle and try to steer straight through to the other side that is ahead of you.



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