Why is Brake Fluid so Important?

Your vehicle's braking system needs brake fluid to function properly. Brake fluid is also called hydraulic fluid and should be drained and replaced on a regular schedule to make certain it keeps your brakes in good condition. When an automobile doesn't have enough brake fluid, it can cause the automobile to have problems stopping when brake pressure is applied. To help you learn more about brake fluid, read our content below.

There are a variety of brake fluids available, which can make it confusing about which one your vehicle needs. Most brake fluids are silicone-based or glycol-based. Cars that have Anti-lock Brake Systems (ABS) usually need a brake fluid that is glycol-based, and cars that don't have ABS technology will typically use a silicone-based brake fluid. To see how often your brake fluid needs to be changed, you can consult with one of our service technicians or read through your owner's handbook.

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