Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment Service in Winnipeg

Here at Birchwood Lexus, our factory-trained service technicians offer the most accurate wheel alignment in Winnipeg. If you're looking for Lexus wheel service, give our Auto Repair and Service Department a call today at 204-831-4272 or book an appointment via our online car service scheduler.

What is Wheel Alignment?

As time passes, wheels can lose their alignment due to pothole-pocked road surfaces, hitting a curb, or other jarring impacts. When this happens, tires may wear unevenly and you might notice handling issues. Your steering wheel might also be off center when driving straight. This is actually a result of your suspension needing to be adjusted to return your wheels to their original, factory-specified alignment. During a wheel alignment service, one of our skilled technicians will use Lexus-certified machinery to check and fix your alignment.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Returning your wheels to proper alignment offers the following benefits:

  • Better fuel economy--misaligned wheels can increase the amount of friction generated during driving, reducing fuel efficiency
  • Longer tire life--tires wear out faster and at different rates when wheels are out of alignment
  • Better handling--your vehicle may pull to one side or your steering wheel may fail to return easily to center when the alignment is off
  • Improved safety--when tires wear unevenly you may find yourself with a flat tire that strands you beside the road, or you may even experience a tire blowout
  • Fewer expensive repairs--poor alignment can cause steering and suspension components to wear out more quickly

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