Lexus Genuine Dash Cam

At the Birchwood Lexus Parts Department, Lexus owners can equip their vehicles with the genuine Lexus dash cam. Installation is available at our Service Department as well. The road isn't always smooth, but with the Lexus dash cam, when accidents happen it won't just be your word against that of the other driver. Plus, you can record your most amazing trips and adventures.

  • No obtrusive wires--the Lexus dash cam mounts to your upper windshield behind your rear view mirror, with no wires or cables blocking your view
  • The camera automatically begins recording as soon as your Lexus's ignition is turned on, so you don't need to remember to start it
  • Full high-definition 1080p video recording with audio provides a complete record of whatever happens
  • G-force sensors detect a collision, triggering the Lexus dash cam to preserve all video recorded for 12 seconds before an accident and 8 seconds afterward
  • A GPS sensor monitors your Lexus's speed and position and records it in the event of a crash
  • With the Parking Surveillance mode, if your Lexus is struck in a parking space, the Lexus dash cam will activate and record 60 seconds of video
  • The Adventure mode lets you record activities like track day racing or amazing road trips
  • To avoid draining your Lexus's battery, the dash cam's software conserves battery use when your Lexus is parked and in surveillance mode
  • The mobile app and computer software to run your Lexus dash cam can be downloaded online for free
  • Micro SD card included
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