Premium Paint Shield

    Extend the lifetime of your vehicle's paint and keep your vehicle looking brand new.

    Paint shield is a transparent cross-link polymer film that is applied to all painted surfaces and adds an extra barrier to your factory paint. It helps to maintain the showroom shine of your vehicle without the need to wax.

    • Maintains the showroom shine without having to wax your vehicle
    • Highly repellent surfaces
    • Improved resale value of your investment
    • UV Protection
    • Resists most acids, solvents and alkali 
    • A green treatment element  
    Birchwood Lexus New Vehicle Protections - Paint Shield

    Paint Armour Nano Ceramic

    Ensure your vehicle's paint keeps its shine for years to come.

    Nano Ceramic chemically bonds to your vehicle to provide an exceptionally strong glass-like shield to your paint. It improves reflection and gloss and reduces minor scuffs and light scratches to the vehicle. Includes 10 year warranty.

    • Improved depth of colour
    • Glossy finish
    • Preserve the original factory paint
    • Less maintenance

    When you apply Nano Ceramic Paint Armour to a surface, billions of tiny nano-particles instantly bond to the surface just like tiny magnets. They fill in microscopic pores and capillaries that dirt and other contaminants normally bond to.
    Birchwood Lexus New Vehicle Protections - Paint Armour NanoCeramic

    XPEL Paint Protection Film

    Not your conventional paint protection

    Conventional paint protection films can show scars and yellowing after a single year of use–especially in the real world, where most of us drive every day.

    Constructed from a combination of advanced elastomeric polymers, XPEL ULTIMATE’s special clear coat not only prevents the film from discoloring due to contamination and ultra violet radiation, but also heals itself from swirl marks and light scratches that can occur through ordinary washing and drying or daily driving.

    XPEL paint protection film works as an invisible layer of armour over your car’s finish. Its crystal-clear, energy- absorbent polyurethane film is computer cut from a database of precision templates specific to your car, and then safely bonded to the vulnerable painted surfaces offering up to ten years of guaranteed protection. XPEL is 100% safely removable on factory paint, and provides all of the protection you need with none of the peeling, cracking, yellowing, or blistering that can happen with other less-advanced films on the market.


    Covers the full bumper, full hood, and mirrors.


    Covers the full bumper, full hood, mirrors, full front fenders, A-pillars, and front roof line.

    Birchwood Lexus New Vehicle Protections - XPEL Paint Protection Film


    Vehicle Protection Choices


    Protect your vehicle with a strong, invisible shield, without altering the natural beauty of your vehicle's interior.

    • Protects your vehicle’s appearance
    • Extends the life of your vehicle’s interior
    • Protects the resale or trade-in value of your vehicle
    • Protection from permanent stains

    Leather Protection
    Many leather treatment products contain silicone and solvents that will eventually dry out leather surfaces, causing premature aging and cracking, and compromising your vehicles value. Our interior Armour Leather Protection creates an invisible, breathable protective shield, without using harmful silicon solvents.

    Fabric Protection
    Our Interior Armour Fabric Protection is the first automotive grade carpet and upholstery protection to feature the significantly enhanced concentration and durability of Nano-hybrid chemistry. Forming a strong, invisible shield, without altering the natural beauty of carpets and upholstery, our fabric protection is backed by a fully assured warranty and guaranteed to give long lasting protection to your investment.


    Apply to all your interior surfaces, protecting it from beverages, food, and animal stains. It allows all your leather surfaces to breath naturally to maintain their moisture balance and will keep your interior looking newer for longer.

    Birchwood Lexus New Vehicle Protections - Interior Armour


    Reduce road noise while protecting your vehicle from the elements.

    • Protection from rust
    • Reduced road noise
    • Improved resale value of your investment
    • Lifetime warranty

    Foundation Armour consists of a rubber spray-on product that permanently seals the undercarriage of your vehicle. Made with virtually indestructible vulcanized rubber, our premium undercoating not only protects your vehicle from the elements, road salt and rust, it also acts as a sound barrier from road noise.


    Protects from rust, reduces road noise and improves resale value of your investment.

    Birchwood Lexus New Vehicle Protections - Foundation Armour


    The Rust Module monitors, stabilizes and impedes the electrochemical corrosion process.

    Key Advantages:

    • A Rust Module is directly “plugged in” to your vehicle’s electrical system safely reaching all metal panels from the inside
    • No wires, no mess and completely protected from the elements
    • Low battery monitoring ensures the Rust Module will not interfere with your battery’s power supply
    • Protect the structural integrity and resale value of your new vehicle
    • Advanced output monitoring works for both steel and aluminum body vehicles
    • Proven patented technology with significant scientific testing to back up Rust Module performance
    • 10 year warranty


    The module plugs into your vehicle’s OBDii Port and safely utilizes the vehicle’s power system to deliver electronically controlled low voltage to the metal. This provides the right amount of current to stabilize the electrochemical corrosion process.

    Birchwood Lexus New Vehicle Protections - Body Armour



    • Premium Paint Shield
    • Foundation Armour


    • Premium Paint Shield
    • Interior Armour
    • Foundation Armour
    • Body Armour


    • Nano Ceramic Paint Armour
    • Foundation Armour
    • Body Armour


    • Nano Ceramic Paint Armour
    • Interior Armour
    • Foundation Armour
    • Body Armour
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