Darryl Tuck

    Photo of Darryl Tuck General Manager Contact

    Aaron Ledohowski

    Photo of Aaron Ledohowski General Sales Manager Contact

    Devin Walker

    Photo of Devin Walker Sales Manager Contact

    Stacy Storoschuk

    Photo of Stacy Storoschuk Sales Manager Contact

    Tom Strange

    Photo of Tom Strange Sales Manager Contact

    Antonella Braz

    Photo of Antonella Braz Fixed Operations Manager Contact

    Maximo Llanes

    Photo of Maximo Llanes Parts Manager Contact

    Chad Moar

    Photo of Chad Moar Assistant Parts Manager Contact

    Sales Department

    Adam Stanton

    Photo of Adam Stanton Product Advisor Contact

    Eric Barker

    Photo of Eric Barker Product Advisor Contact

    Jiang Zhu

    Photo of Jiang Zhu Product Advisor Contact

    Jin Chen

    Photo of Jin Chen Product Advisor Contact

    Young Zhou

    Photo of Young Zhou Product Advisor Contact

    Financial Services

    Stefan Buchanan

    Photo of Stefan Buchanan Financial Services Manager Contact

    Wesna Abgrall

    Photo of Wesna Abgrall Financial Services Manager Contact

    Administration and Support

    Ryan Leech

    Photo of Ryan Leech Marketing Coordinator

    Lot Attendants and Detailers

    Adrian Ponce

    Photo of Adrian Ponce Sales Detailer

    Brian Rajpaul

    Photo of Brian Rajpaul Service Detailer

    Colleen Lines Olah

    Photo of Colleen Lines Olah Service Lot Attendant

    Dan Francisco

    Photo of Dan Francisco Service Detailer

    Dayne Graham

    Photo of Dayne Graham Service Detailer

    Griffin Bonney

    Photo of Griffin Bonney Sales Lot Attendant

    Jackson Wall

    Photo of Jackson Wall Sales Lot Attendant

    Yuehai (Walter) Zeng

    Photo of Yuehai (Walter) Zeng Service Detailer

    Zijie (Sunny) Liang

    Photo of Zijie (Sunny) Liang Service Detailer

    Service Department

    Alex Enns

    Photo of Alex Enns Service Consultant Contact

    Cameron Kent

    Photo of Cameron Kent Service Consultant Contact

    Erin Hampton

    Photo of Erin Hampton Service Consultant Contact

    Jeremy Drul

    Photo of Jeremy Drul Service Consultant Contact

    Xiaobei Quan

    Photo of Xiaobei Quan Service Consultant Contact

    Aubrey Gray

    Photo of Aubrey Gray Technician

    Brayden Mailhot

    Photo of Brayden Mailhot Technician

    Daniel Corona

    Photo of Daniel Corona Apprentice Technician

    Daren Mckellar

    Photo of Daren Mckellar Technician

    Jeromy Bautista

    Photo of Jeromy Bautista Apprentice Technician

    Maddison Szumlak

    Photo of Maddison Szumlak Apprentice Technician

    Minh Dinh

    Photo of Minh Dinh Technician

    Rohan Oliver

    Photo of Rohan Oliver Technician

    Parts Department

    Abel Alola

    Photo of Abel Alola Parts Consultant Contact

    Jason Du

    Photo of Jason Du Parts Consultant Contact

    Jerry Giesbrecht

    Photo of Jerry Giesbrecht Parts Shipper/Receiver

    Birchwood Lexus

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