Lexus Remote Starter

Lexus Start+

Remote Starter for Lexus in Winnipeg

At the Birchwood Lexus Parts Department, Winnipeg Lexus owners can purchase a Genuine Lexus Remote Starter. This exclusive Lexus remote starter can take the chill out of a winter morning or the sting out of a hot summer afternoon, since it also lets you control your Lexus's heat and air conditioning from a distance. Your vehicle's interior will be at just the right temperature when you're ready to drive. And that's just the beginning of the benefits offered by this Genuine Lexus accessory. Have your Lexus Start+ installed at our Service Department for full warranty protection.

  • The Lexus Start+ works from as far as 800 meters away, so you can start your Lexus from your office or an upper-floor apartment and it'll be warmed up (or cooled off) and ready for you when you get outside
  • The unit controls heat, air conditioning, and front and rear window defrosters, so your Lexus will have clear windows and be at just the right temperature and ready to hit the road when you are
  • You'll get advanced warning via the Start+ app if your Lexus's battery begins to run low
  • The Lexus Start+ fully integrates with your vehicle's electronics and its immobilizer--the only remote starter which does that--and is warranted for the balance of your Lexus's warranty if you get it installed at a Lexus dealer